Does A Thing available on Newgrounds

2013-05-13 03:20:09 by Wolfmercenary

Took a while, but all the core Does A Thing movies are now available onNewgrounds and YouTube!

Check 'em out:
Sonic Does A Thing

Wario Does A Thing

Spyro Does A Thing

Morrigan Does A Thing

Currently in development:
Crash Does A Thing!

Does A Thing Youtube


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2013-05-13 08:32:44

looking forward to crash doing a things!!


2013-05-14 00:31:52

Great job on "sonic does a thing" didnt know that it was a series until i saw the "does a thing" come up in the morigan one and this one today. now i see the wario and spyro are connected too. sorry for not putting 2 and 2 together :P
anywho, really like your work brah, keep it up :3


2013-05-14 05:35:29

Does a thing?