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$oopah Nin10Doh!

Posted by Wolfmercenary - January 12th, 2009

Kirbopher just released $oopah Nin10Doh! If you haven't seen it already, have a look and be amazed!

For those that have asked, and those yet to ask, I'm the artist who did the Starfox segments.

And no, I didn't do the Pokemon Snap segments.

That is all.

Comments (51)

Very nice job on the Star Fox stuff. You're animation is superb. Keep it up. ^^

Thanks :)

You're one of my avourte flash animators, too bad I'm not often here :3 Cheers --kitsunechao

Thx :)

My god your animating skills are freakin amazing. The style was just fing stunning.

Thank you :)

hey the star fox segments were funny as hell but for the second scene did you have an alternate part with different people or that was the original scene from the start

Pretty much what is there, is what was intended. Only thing I didn't do was when Todd came in at the end of the Starfox Adventures skit.

Thats awesome work man, The fox parts were my favorite, and i'm not just saying that.

Thx :)

hahaha the Fox scenes were the best part xD great work man

Thank you :)

I think that you're segments on Supah Nintendoh were very well thought out, and very hilarious.

Also I like your deviantart work, I can't remember my pasword =/
My favorite is "Begone little Wolf."

You did an awesome job on the Starfox bits on $00pah Nin10Doh! It actually inspired me to get flash, (well, trial download, for now) and I've been trying to animate all night, but it's so hard... but awesome job anyway, and I hope to see more stuff from you!

Great artist dude. You and Kirbopher should keep up the hilarious movies.
And so should all of the others who participated.

The Starfox bits were Awsome! Best ones in that whole video HANDS DOWN! I kept coming back to that video just for the Starfox clips! Awsome animations and awsome work!
Keep it up! Hope to see more of it!

love your character animation. hopefully you do a sweet flash of your own this year, instead of just doing short nintendo parodies...

but seriously. sick character animation.

dude, your animation was so amazing in supah nintendoh! They actually were my favorite of the whole collaboration. god DAMN are the faces you draw funny, and the animation in whole is so clean and fluid! make some more flashes pl0x :P

Overall, there was only two good parts and EVERY one knows it. It was StarFox-vs-Pokemon Snap. The StarFox by far outclassed the rest. You should do more of a series! How long did it take you to animate? Great discipline, awesome humour.

No pokemon snap? :^(
Your animation was good anyway... But I liked the pokemon snap...

Dont worry, i actually looked at the Authors credits and stuff. But anyway i just wanted to say man, your starfox segments blew me away they were great, and i saw begone little wolf too that was well, like top Anime worthy i enjoyed it alot.Also mostly i wanted to write this cause i wanted to say its guys like you that inspire me to draw, ill stop drawing for a while cause i discourage myself cause well lets face it i cant draw that well,but i see what you guys can do with practice and i just get back into. So i just want to say thanks for doing what you do best,

Big fan,

the starfox was the best parts keep up the good work

yay that was great(not the pokemon) especialy the starfox,ive heard the bit where he "wishes for a camera" somewhere and the voice and my fav is where he is in the ship XD

who makes the pokemon snap ones?

hey dude great job with starfox and who is the voice for him i think ive heard it before and great art on devian best artist ive seen yet dude 8 P

Dude, for such an incredible artist it's a shame that the only things you can draw are animals with tits. Well, I saw a couple of human drawings in your Deviant Art gallery, but I REALLY had to dig deep to find them. You're in a weird place, man. It looks great and all that, but you really need to expand your horizons before the only tail you can get belongs to a squirrel.

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