Bomberman Does A Thing

2014-01-21 00:55:17 by Wolfmercenary

Good news everyone! The latest Does A Thing starring Bomberman is now available on Newgrounds!


Crash Does A Thing

2013-07-07 23:17:34 by Wolfmercenary

We got a new Does A Thing starring the Playstation star, Crash Bandicoot! Check it out right here!

Crash Does A Thing

Took a while, but all the core Does A Thing movies are now available onNewgrounds and YouTube!

Check 'em out:
Sonic Does A Thing

Wario Does A Thing

Spyro Does A Thing

Morrigan Does A Thing

Currently in development:
Crash Does A Thing!

Does A Thing Youtube

Does A Thing

2013-02-28 10:00:00 by Wolfmercenary

While I continue to hunt for that ever elusive thing called "a job", I've been getting back into animating with a new silly series by Psyguy and myself. Simply called "___ Does A Thing", these shorts are about various characters...doing something, all in the name of comedy!

The latest one about Spyro has had the most work in it thus far. Probably went overboard, but it was really fun mixing simple animation with a bit more flair. Was also fun to animate to Psy and Shadyvox's voice; really great characterization from those two to work off.

If you haven't seen it already, check out Spyro Does A Thing here!

Does A Thing

$oopah Nin10Doh!

2009-01-12 22:22:01 by Wolfmercenary

Kirbopher just released $oopah Nin10Doh! If you haven't seen it already, have a look and be amazed!

For those that have asked, and those yet to ask, I'm the artist who did the Starfox segments.

And no, I didn't do the Pokemon Snap segments.

That is all.

Starting Out

2008-09-13 22:17:13 by Wolfmercenary


Yea, not much stuff on here at the moment. And there's a reason for that.

Currently working alongside Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi with his latest collaboration. While my segments have been completed, it's now a matter of awaiting the others to finish their segments, so he may upload his masterpiece.

I daresay it will be pretty sweet, so check back regularly .

In the meantime, should I develop any flash related material, be it well-done or just plain weird, Newgrounds will not be far off.